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Information - About Outer Empires

Outer Empires is a space based massively multi-player online game created for both mobile app (coming soon) and desktop browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari).

The Game

Set within a Galaxy spanning twenty thousand star systems, Outer Empires is a sandbox game allowing players to play in any style they choose and to to allow everything they do to make a permanent difference to the galaxy, whether you choose to be a miner or manufacturer, researcher or politician, be a pirate or run a mercenary faction, whatever you choose is up to you.

Players will have a variety of options, including:

  • Flying missions (transport, combat, salvage, exploration)
  • Set up Mines to extract resources.
  • Set up Manufacturing plants to make ships, parts and mods.
  • Set up Research Centres to improve blueprints for ships, parts and mods.
  • Create or join factions in the game to leverage your influence in the galaxy.
  • Buy new ships to fly as you rank up.
  • Participate in space battles.
  • Create your own ship builds from the wide variety of parts made by you or other players.
  • Salvage parts from destroyed ships.
  • Trade with other players in the player run economy.
  • Build and deploy Space Stations to open up remote areas of space.
  • Attack your enemy's colonies and defend yours from them.
  • Learn new skills or use implants.

Four stages of combat are captured here. First, Paul sees Jason on the move...
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